I’ve always been a firm believer in investing in education.

I dove in, reading photography forums and threads for hours at a time, watching videos, taking class after class. I started a business not even two years later, and although I was far from being “ready”, I’ve continued to push myself and was determined to make my dream a reality. I have continued to take classes, workshops, and online education every single year since, and don’t regret any of it. Photography is not a race - there is no end - we all have something to learn! And that’s what I’m here to help you with!
I am an open book! I want to see you succeed!

Since the moment I first picked up my camera and flipped that little switch to “M”, I was hooked.

xo, Amber

In Person Mentoring

Online Mentoring 

In Person Mentoring  |

Online Mentoring 

• 7 hour day
• Coffee/Breakfast & Lunch/Dinner provided.
• All things Business | Marketing, Portfolio Review, CODB, Iris Works, etc.
• Styled shoot |  We will shoot a styled session together, while also discussing session prep, styling, educating your clients, curating your client closet, and posing!
• Editing | We will spend time editing together - either your images or mine. 
• Presets | AWP Studio & Outdoor Presets included
Book with a friend & save!  - Full Day 2:1 | $995/person

I am very hands on, so love getting a chance to meet you in person! This is a jam packed day of learning.
We will meet over coffee, talk all things photography or videography, and discuss any questions you may have. We will talk about your work, areas you’d like to focus on, and the direction you would like to see your business go! I will set up a styled session for your genre of choice. We will shoot the session side by side, then edit together!

This is just and example, however. The day is completely customizable to what is most important to you!

Full Day pHOTO 1:1 | $1200
($400 retainer to book/$800 due 2 weeks prior)

In Person Photo Mentoring

Done via Zoom. these sessions are tailored to what you’d like to learn/focus on! 

Business Talk | Marketing | Portfolio Review | Pricing/CODB | Iris Works | Styling | Curating a Client Closet | Editing

• AWP studio & outdoor preset included

Online Mentoring

90 min | $650; Add 1/2 Hour | $150
$250 retainer due upon booking, remainder due 2 weeks prior

***Due to the hands on nature, Video mentoring is not available for online mentorships.***

Mentoring excludes anyone running a business within 100 miles of 57201.

• 12 hours - one full day + one half day.
• Lunch/Dinner provided day 1, Coffee/Light breakfast provided day 2.
• Online PDF with comprehensive video information
• Styled shoot | We will film a styled session together, while also discussing session prep, styling, educating your clients, transitioning back and forth from photo to video, storytelling & more!
• Editing | Ins/Outs of Premiere pro, LUTs, Basic Color Grading, Music Selection + Licensing
Book with a friend & save!  - 2:1 | $1250/person

This is a jam packed day and a half of learning!
For video mentorships only, you will receive an online PDF to review approx 2-3 weeks prior to your session. This will allow you a bit of time to get accustomed to video terminology, settings, and practice on your own ahead of time. When we meet, we will discuss any questions you have with the online info, then jump right into settings, shooting, equipment, camera movements, stabilization, etc. We will practice a bit around the studio, then jump right into a styled session in the evening! The following day will be all about editing! This is where we will go through the ins/outs of Premiere Pro, basic color grading, LUTs, music selection, and start to compile your film from the previous nights shoot! 

1.5 day 1:1 video mentoring | $1750
($400 retainer to book/$1350 due 2 weeks prior). payment plans accepted

In Person Video Mentoring

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